Cataumet Civic Associates, Inc.


The Cataumet Civic Associates, Inc. (CCA) was founded in 1958 to protect our Village from the development of a massive concrete plant and rock pit near the current day Shearwater Drive. With this threat removed, Cataumet returned to serenity and the CCA moved on to become a vital organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of Cataumet residents.

The CCA works hard to fulfill its commitment to the community, as established in a series of By-Laws adopted in July 1959. The By-Laws set forth the mission and guiding principles of the CCA, which are five-fold,to:

Over the years, the CCA has helped to maintain the community's flavor and spirit through support of favorable zoning laws, improvements to Washington Park and the playground, development of roadside flower beds, awarding of scholarships for deserving students, and sponsorship of family, civic and holiday events. The CCA considers it a high achievement to retain Norman Rockwell-like tranquility in our Village in a hurly-burly world.

All the activities and events sponsored by the CCA are funded through the loyal support of members—individuals, families and many local businesses. Every dollar that is contributed to the CCA is invested in the Village. The CCA continues to seek the participation of residents towards the community's cherished goals.




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