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“Getting to know your neighbors can make the difference between merely residing on a street and living in a community of friends that welcome you home.”  ~ Unknown

We are so fortunate to have Cataumet as a place we call home. Whether it is our summer home, our year ‘round residence, or the home from where we started, we are a part of a community committed to serving each other and in so doing making a better “home” for ourselves.  For almost 60 years the CCA has been actively upholding the mission created in our By-Laws of 1959.The following pages of this newsletter describe the many activities of the past year and what to look forward to in the next year! Thanks to everyone who has participated and a big welcome to those willing to get involved in the next year either as a volunteer or participant.

Cataumet residents enjoy strong neighborhoods and community traditions with a great quality of life. We are so fortunate to be a bit off the beaten path of summer traffic, large stores, and heavy commercial traffic. Personally, I think those factors have contributed to many years of being able to walk the streets, bike ride, and enjoy the trails and shores. It is a great way to meet folks and connect with friends while enjoying nature and staying healthy.

Many people have served on the CCA Board these last 6 decades and all have given the best gift to their neighbors, and that is their time and wonderful works to keep Cataumet the sweet spot we all so enjoy. Heartfelt thanks to Bill Locke (20+ years!) and Tom Gelsthorpe for all they have done willingly and happily for the CCA as they retire from the CCA Board. Hopefully they will stay connected and continue to be involved at some level. Thanks to all of our current board members for keeping everything going! You are the best!

Thank you in advance for sending your dues and additional donations. Please consider joining our committees, or send along any concerns or suggestions to me at or contact any member of the board. I look forward to meeting new neighbors and welcome you “home” to the Cataumet Civic Associates. Additional thanks to the Bourne Conservation Trust and the Cataumet Schoolhouse Preservation Group for also working so hard to keep Cataumet the village we all call home.

Chris Gegg


Cataumet Civic Associates

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