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February 9, 2020

Bird Watchers of Squeteague Harbor,                                                  


You may have noticed that the population of Canada Geese in Squeteague Harbor has become almost nonexistent.    This phenomenon is the result of a concerted effort by the community to make the harbor unwelcome to our not so fine feathered friends.  George Seaver has led this effort for the last 18 years which has had the positive result of keeping the Harbor open to shell fishing and swimming without the concern of contracting swimmers itch and keeping the beaches and lawns free of goose droppings.   Since 2002, George and his team of Goose Busters would respond to reports of unwelcome geese in the harbor with what has become a welcome sound of bird bangers and screachers heard at any time of the day between sunrise and sunset.  This effort is the primary reason that geese are nonexistent in the harbor and that the quality of the water has allowed for swimming and shell fishing throughout the years.  Thank you, Goose Busters.

It is with grave concern that the Goose Buster program has received a Cease and Desist order.  This past week out of town detail police officers working with utility workers, unfamiliar with the program, confronted George as he was unloading on some wayfaring geese and ordered him to cease and desist with the activity.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, I was asked to contact the local authorities with the intent to reconfirm the program as it had been agreed to by the Chief of Police, the Director of the Department of Natural Resources and the Cataumet community back in 2002, only to be told by the new Director of the DNR that they would be taking over the program.

If you see any geese in Squeteague Harbor, please call the Bourne DNR at (508) 759-0621 and they will take over where George left off.  We hope that our local authorities will be as successful as the citizens of our community have been for the past 18 years. Thanks to George Seaver and his Goose Busting crew for two decades of quality work and quality waters in Squeteague Harbor.

Peter Fisher

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